Beauty School Workshops

P i c k 'N' M i x

Want to be taught by the pros?  We realize that every woman has a different style and level of expertise so we leave it up to you to design your own beauty school workshop.  Scroll down and start picking 'N' mixing your selection of dollface treats.

H o w  i t  w o r k s

It is super easy. Design your own beauty school workshop by picking a minimum of 2 dollface treats. This is ideal for groups or for individuals who wish to perfect their skills. You should allow 30 minutes for each dollface treat.

P r o d u c t s

The Darlings always travel with an A-grade kit on hand. From Chanel, Nars, Bobbi Brown, Dior, Lancome, YSL, MAC, Dermalogica, the list goes on.  We ask you to bring your makeup staples to the lessons as we teach you how to work with what you already have and give you advice on what to add. 

P i c k 'n' M i x  D o l l f a c e  T r e a t s

BEES NEES - Makeup shouldn’t be hard work. This Dollface Treat is about ensuring your makeup will last all day, is work appropriate and super quick to achieve. It will leave you looking and feeling your best during and after your workday.

HONEY POT - Would you like to know how to get that year round glowing bronzed skin? We will introduce you to the best tanning products, bronzers, instant tan, highlighters and body makeup.

PEACHES and CREAM - Pick this treat for that simple, feature enhancing, barely there look. You will look like you, only better.

OH LA LA - Every woman wants to look and feel sexy. The Darlings will teach you tricks to achieve smokey eyes and the perfect pout. You will also learn all about the kind of perfume scents that make men go weak at the knees. 

SWEET CHEEKS - Let’s go back to basics. This is for you ladies who don’t know anything about makeup. We keep it simple and straight to the point, but we promise it will be loads of fun.

COTTON CANDY - Have you ever wondered which colours best suit your face?  What will make your eyes pop? What blush best suits you? If so, than this is the treat for you. We will hand pick the perfect complimentary colours to enhance your natural beauty.

BLUSHING BRIDE - This Dollface Treat will teach you all the tricks to accomplish your own special bridal makeup look.  If you prefer the professionals to make you more beautiful, visit the Contact page to find out about booking us for your big day.

CONTOUR QUEEN - Kim Kardashian has made contouring famous and we will teach you how to shade and highlight to make the most of your features.

FASHIONISTA - Learn about the hottest trends straight from the catwalks. This treat will put you ahead of the fashion pack. Cara and Miranda move over!

CLOUD 9 - Think Studio 54 and you are half way there.  Outrageous, daring and glam. This is the ultimate party girl look.

LOLLIPOP - Mastering the retro bombshell look requires a feline flick liner and hot red lips. We will give you the lowdown on different liner options and hand pick the perfect red for your complexion.

PINA COLADA - Going on holiday? We'll talk you through the best waterproof products that can be used while dipping in the pool, trekking through a desert or skiing in the alps. Looking gorgeous while traveling has never been easier with this Dollface Treat.

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